Week 23: The Tree of Life

by | Feb 21, 2019

I have now been “Home” for 10 weeks and during this time have been sitting with my sabbatical experience, talking and sharing with many people, seeking counsel and reflecting on how the Spirit is moving. The image that remains with me is that of a tree.

A tree that is deeply rooted in rich soils that have been enriched by the decaying autumn sheddings. Roots that while I was away were nourished through art, meditation, writing, photography, walking, mindfulness, reading, mandalas, nature, labyrinths, theatre, scripture, journaling, and the generous hospitality of relatives, friends, and strangers. And the nurturing of the roots of this Tree of Life has continued through conversations over a pot of tea, a shared meal, a phone call. Nourished through yoga, watercolour classes, Feldenkrais, photography, a monthly writing workshop, theatre, gardening and a local Bushcare group, reading, walking, cooking, swimming, offering hospitality to relatives, friends and strangers. And dreaming and discerning future possibilities.

The branches of this Tree of Life, while still bare, are full of life’s energy. Which ones will bud in coming weeks or months, which will blossom in coming years, which will wither, I do not know? At the moment, I am only aware of the rich possibilities that exist within each limb.

At present, the nude limbs awaiting spring (even though in Australia we are moving towards autumn) include: 1:1 listening, Listening Circles, Reflection Days, Retreats, Networking, Facilitation and Formation. Each of these may take place within the domestic arena, my local community, in mainstream society, among the fringes or beyond in places and spaces I have not even envisioned. What I do recognise that none of this will come into being through my efforts alone. I know I need to be open to exploring possibilities with others, knowing that when two or more gather, a presence and power greater than the sum of the individuals is manifest allowing for simple actions to be undertaken with great love and bring forth profound transformation.

Over the coming weeks in Border Crossings I hope to explore each of these branches, reflecting on the insights gained over recent months and offer possibilities I currently envisage, to the Cosmos, and more particularly to my networks and beyond and see where there may be resonance with others such that we may Symmathesy = Learning together (Pronounced: sym- math-a-see).*

* Symmathesy is a term that Nora Bateson introduced me to last Monday. For more visit https://norabateson.wordpress.com/2015/11/03/symmathesy-a-word-in-progress/

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