We Can Be Part of the Solution

by | Jan 23, 2021

Recidivism rates are way too high for both women and men leaving custody- over 40%. Please support me to help change this.

At least 78% of women leaving prison are released from custody each year with no support services in place. Yet when support is provided positive outcomes are achieved. The Women’s Justice Network Mentoring Program has had a 93% success rate, with any women who has engaged in the program for 1 year or more has not re-offended or returned to prison! Even the 7% who return to custody have remained engaged with their mentors through letter writing and plan to resume the relationship once released. The program costs average costing $6,000 per woman compared with the cost of incarceration of approximately $110, 000 per annum (1)

I am embarking on Women Alongside Women Larapinta Walk to raise monies and support for the WJN and help them support women leaving custody through mentoring. Please consider donating here. https://wjn-larapinta-2021.raisely.com/elizabeth-lee

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