Walking with Fear

by | Apr 19, 2021

This Friday, 23 April, I will be offering another Fourth Friday Labyrinth Walk at the Centennial Park Labyrinth, commencing at 10am. Our theme will be “Walking with Fear.” Are you willing to turn and walk with fear instead of our habitual response to run away from fear? This walk, along with the other Fourth Friday walks are inspired by Sally Longley’s book “Walking the Labyrinth with the Beloved in John’s Gospel.”  Each month I take a different excerpt of The Gospel of John opening to the interplay of images, words, symbols, metaphors, silence, nature, walking, community and prayer. Let us see where we are drawn, led, or invited as we open ourselves to the Divine Mystery amid our fears.

The dates for subsequent walks are:
28 May – 25 June – 23 July – 27 August
24 September – 22 October – 26 November

Meet at Centennial Park Labyrinth at 10am
on the fourth Friday of each month.

In addition, I offer other walks on the First Friday of each month again at 10am. There are also regular facilitated walks on the first Sunday of each month commencing at 9am.  On Saturday 1 May, World Labyrinth Day, there will be a walk facilitated by Heather Middleton commencing at 1pm.

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