Upcoming Retreat – In the Company of Women: Creative Encounters

by | Nov 21, 2021

Artwork by Beverly Ash Gilbert
 www.BeverlyAshGilbert.com Copyright

In the Company of Women:  Creative Encounters
Five stand-alone weekends spread across the year

 4-6 March – Woman at the Wedding

22-24 April – Woman at the Well

22-24 July – Woman with the Haemorrhage

7-9 October – Woman at the Tomb

25-27 November – Woman with an Angel

Each weekend is an opportunity for us all, women and men, to hear and see the Good News through the words and the lives of named and unnamed women in the Gospels and allow these women to speak into your life.

There will be the opportunity to enter and explore each story through Lectio Divina, poetry, Visio Divina, photography, labyrinth walks, art, midrash and silence.  Spiritual accompaniment will also be available with the retreat team.

Praying with scripture is one way to let the stories of the biblical women intersect with our own stories.  These women then become models for our own survival, growth and flourishing.   

 Can we lift these familiar stories of women such that they offer new sources of identity and inspiration, breaking free of prevailing patriarchal motifs?

 We are invited to cultivate two attitudes: an openness to hearing what we have not heard before, and willingness to let biblical women speak with their own voices, voices long muffled by layers of interpretation we may have learned since childhood.  Such prayer is founded on suspicion of conventional interpretations.

 Praying the stories of biblical women can take any of many paths: meditation, active reflection on a passage, contemplating or receiving the Word in love, imaginative prayer, dance or journaling.

(Modified from Kathleen Fisher “Woman at the Well.” 1989. p 94-5)

Cost 2022:  Weekend $310
$50 deposit confirms the booking.
All tariffs are negotiable.

Application Forms available from:

The Administrator, St Mary’s Towers Retreat Centre
PO Box 19A
Douglas Park 2569
Ph. 02 4630 0233
Email: contact@towersretreat.org.au
Web site: http://towersretreat.org.au

Brochure: In the company of women.doc

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