Pastoral Supervision

“Supervision invites one to reflect on the past, in the present for the sake of the future wellbeing of our clients / ministry”

Michael Paterson

Would you like to regularly take time to slow down and reflect upon your work?

Would you like to share something of your work story with another?

Would you like to explore why you do what you do?

Maybe you would be interested in Pastoral Supervision.

Supervision is a relational reflective learning experience in which you, as supervisee, are encouraged and supported to reflect upon your professional practice with the encouragement and support of me, the supervisor. In particular, supervision allows one to pay attention to inner experiences evoked and to grow in awareness of healthy and unhealthy, helpful and unhelpful, reactions and responses and hence inform future practice.

Supervision offers a time and space to reflect on the past in the present for the future benefit of your work. While supervision may from time to time offer the opportunity for consultation, guidance, teaching and mentoring, these are not the focus of supervision. Supervision contributes to wellbeing through social and emotional support and cultivates professional resilience.

I offer a creative, safe and courageous space as well as foster an empowering relationship which can open new possibilities in your work. I hope that as a result you become more effective, satisfied and open to your potential. It is my desire that you will enjoy the process of supervision and flourish professionally and personally.

I offer Supervision in person or using video technologies such as zoom, skype, FaceTime, depending on the needs of those involved and current government guidelines.

I am a member of Transforming Practices and a Supervisor Member of the Australasian Association of Supervision.



May you listen into the work and around it:

may you listen within it, behind and beneath it.

May you let your true work lead you

into places that only it knows.

Jan Richardson

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Download my PDF for more information on ways I can support you in reflecting upon your professional practice.

I abide by the Supervision Policies of Transforming Practices and I am committed to following the Values, Guiding Principles and Professional Standards for Ethical Practice of AAOS (Australasian Association of Supervision).