Returning in 2022: Fourth Friday Labyrinth Walks

by | Jan 17, 2022

These Labyrinth Walks were offered for the first time in 2021 and were greatly appreciated by thosse who participated.  So I am offering them again of the 4th Friday of each month January to November.

I have been inspired by Sally Longley’s book “Walking the Labyrinth with the Beloved in John’s Gospel.” Each fourth Friday of the month I take a different excerpt of The Gospel of John opening to the interplay of images, words, symbols, metaphors, silence, nature, walking, community and prayer.  Let us see where we are drawn, led, or invited as we open ourselves to the Divine Mystery.

 28 January – 25 February – 25 March – 22 April
27 May – 24 June – 22 July – 26 August
23 September – 28 October – 25 November

Meet at Centennial Park Labyrinth at 10am
on the fourth Friday of each month.
You can book at or just turn up.

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