Opening to Your Creative Soul

by | Nov 25, 2020

Many decades ago, I used to fantasise about entering the Blake Prize for Religious Art.  I never saw myself as an accomplished artist, yet I knew that art, in various forms, are a way that I open my soul to the Divine.  While my fantasies have diminished, my exploration of creativity and spirituality has intensified.  I am now inviting others to open to their creative soul through a non-residential retreat in January at Our Lady of Dolour’s Parish Chatswood. The retreat will provide an opportunity for the participants to explore what gives life meaning and hope as we become intimately aware of our connectedness- connected to self, other, creation and the Divine.  It will also be an opportunity to free oneself from what may be hindering such connection.  The 5 mornings will encourage participants to become aware of how creative materials, quite reflection and writing support our seeking. On each of the five days a new theme will be introduced along with a different form of creative expression.  Periods of reflective writing will invite one to deepen the insights that emerge.  Participants will work at their own pace as they give unique expression to the movements of their heart.  There will be opportunities for small group deep listening through a circle process.  Spiritual Direction will be available in the afternoon if desired.

Opening to your Creative Soul

Creativity, spirituality and community through a non-residential retreat

My Heart’s Desire * God in All Things Mending my Heart * Shadow Work The Call of My Heart * Imagining Honouring my Heart of Love * Third Dimension My Heart for the World * Encircled

Five 3hr (9:30am -12:30pm) sessions 11-15 January 2021

Attendance for the whole week is encouraged and preferable

$120 for the week or $30 per session (or what you can afford)

Optional Spiritual Direction in the afternoon (additional cost)

The Magnificat Room at Our Lady of Dolour’s Chatswood.

Requirements: Please bring a journal and pen although some will be available for purchase. A variety of art materials will be available and you are also welcome to bring your own. Day one: paints, crayons, textas, coloured pencils, brushes, water pots, Day two: lead pencils, black textas, black and white ink, black and white pencils, Day three: collage materials and glue- paper, magazines, cards, ribbon, buttons etc Day four: assorted materials – boxes, cardboard, cardboard tubes, string, wool, fabric Day five: compass, circular objects of different sizes eg: plate, bowl, cup and materials from previous days To Register: If you would like to register for Opening to Your Creative Soul please select your preferred option of all sessions or individual sessions below.  You will then receive an invoice with details for EFT payment.  Your place will be confirmed following receipt of payment. Expressions of Interest: Email Liz at with your name, address, phone number and email. Please note, numbers are limited.

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