New Horizons

by | Aug 12, 2020

It is 2 years since I finished full-time paid employment. Many of you have followed alongside me through “Border Crossing” posts, as I took some sabbatical time for rest, renewal, and reorientation. I saw the months that followed as fallow time while I discerned what my unfolding future may look like, sound like, feel like, taste and smell like. So many possible options were being entertained. My “Border Crossing” posts became less regular as I allowed what was gestating to take form. As the new year commenced, I could see new opportunities unfolding.

But 2020 did not unfolded as expected. Instead COVID-19, a tiny piece of rna, possibly originating in a hardly known part of the world (at least unknown to most of us in the West) has shaken us from our complacency as it killed 750,000 people around the world and infected about 20 million. Health and wellbeing has been prioritized over economics and our interconnectedness and interdependence has been highlighted.

So many of the new opportunities I saw unfolding have had to be paused. Others have morphed into Zoom offerings. Little has continued as before. Yet the pause has allowed for other pursuits to be explored: watercolour lessons via email, trainings from around the world delivered me in the comfort of my own home and a website developed.

Yes, some two years since finishing full-time paid employment I can now articulate what I see as my calling and my offering in this time and this place- to be a listening presence. It is as simple and as challenging as that. To listen with open ears, open mind and open heart in varying contexts such as Spiritual Direction, Professional / Pastoral Supervision, Retreats and Reflection days and importantly to listen among the fringes. So, I invite you to explore my website Vision and Action.

It is ironic at this time COVID-19 has curtailed border crossings, yet maybe we are living into a future where there are no borders, just horizons. For me, I am excited to continue to explore these new horizons and I hope you will join me.

To all subscribers of Border Crossings, I invite you to check out and subscribe to my ongoing postings at as I will be discontinuing my posts via I also take this opportunity to thank those who have supported me during this transition over the last 2 years. My heartfelt thanks to my family for their love, friends for their support, colleagues for their encouragement, guides for their wisdom and fellow pilgrims who continue to draw me into union with the Mystery, the Source of Life.

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