My Heart’s Desire – A 7-Day Retreat at Kincumber

by | Jan 25, 2022

A 7-Day Retreat for nurture, spirituality, community and rest through creative expression,
journaling and contemplative conversation.

28 October – 4 November 2022

St Joseph’s Spirituality and Education Centre, Kincumber South

Art and prayer have much in common…
we learn to slow down and to see more deeply with graced vision.[1]

This retreat invites you, to open to the desires of you heart and wisdom of your soul through art, photography, silence, writing, conversing, listening, walking, resting and worshiping.

Our Approach

We come as we are, with what is real, including our fears, anxieties, joys, delights, failures and successes.  Any or all of who you are is perfect.

Be intentionally present.

Each of the processes: creative expression, reflective writing, circle group sharing and silence are invitations to deepen the retreat experience.

As we reflect upon the stirrings in our heart and the arisings in our soul, ask “what is the invitation for me, my relationship with others, the earth and God?”  God is present in creation, events and experiences, relationships, silence and solitude.

A Word of Caution

We must be careful not to confuse creative expression with performance or technical skill.  The use of creative arts, whether it be painting, writing, movement, music, will often bypass our more linear evaluative patterns and allow us access to some wonderful insights we have hidden deep within.  We simply need to bear in mind that the process not the product is the critical component that leads us to some unspoken truths for which we often have no voice.  If we can put aside our judgements and shame as we engage in these activities, and experiment with where they lead us, we may be happily surprised at the secrets of our soul![2]

For Bookings:
St Joseph’s Spirituality and Education Centre, Kincumber.,au

[1] Awakening to Your Creative Spirit.  Christine Valters Paintner and Betsey Beckman.  Morehouse Publishing 2010.

[2] Journey of the Soul by Doris Klein.  Sheed and Wood 2000

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